Dianna Gee

Dianna Gee serviced as a steward, director and President of Local 00013 for many years. With a lot of hard work and dedication Dianna became our Regional Vice President responsible for five Locals. Dianna held this position for a number of years, working for the benefit of all the members on a full time basis. Dianna was our first aboriginal member to achieve this level. She was an active member of her clan, the Bear, in working towards better education for all aboriginal children.

Dianna passed away suddenly during one of the many conferences that she had to attend on behalf of the members. To honour her hard work and dedication to education, the Local establish the Dianna Gee Charitable Foundation. This Foundation provided a scholarship to each graduating eighth grade student, for a ten year period, to assist the transition to the public school and grade nine. This year is the final year for the Foundation. Below is a letter of thanks from the school on behalf of all the children that were helped.


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