Response to Negotiating Team

I’m writing not only as a local president but as a member in good standing with UTE. Being with one off the largest locals, with a great number of virtual reports, a lot of comments come to us from the members. With the lack of previous communication and now several emails, members are more confused and frustrated.

You ask us to support the bargaining team, but what support are our members getting? It is unconscionable that we have gone four years with nothing and potentially going into five with nothing. Our members are getting into more trouble, more ‘mostly meets’ or ‘does not meets’ then in many previous years. The apathy that is being felt by the members is seen in each day when more chatter is taking place then work.

Our members are not anger with management or the government, they are anger at the Union for not providing a visible fight for a contract. PSAC talk of all others – are we the forgotten…. And yet we are asked to support ‘the team’!

Our members are starting to feel serious financial failure with the rising cost of living and no increase in wages. Those with large families are especially vulnerable and will soon be in need of help. To say the situation is reaching desperation is an understatement.

Members have asked how they can redirect their Union dues, asked if we can break away and join another Union or be our own. Many would like to see a survey from the National office asking what they would like as members, what they are willing to do to help. It’s very sad but we are loosing our members and it will be very difficult to get back their trust and faith.

In hopes of better times…

Linda Collins- Local 00013