GSM Announcement

Sisters and brothers:

The June 28 GTA Service Modernization (GSM) announcement had potential radical changes to our organizational structure. CRA management at all levels saw fit to make decisions and attempt to implement GTA Service Modernization (GSM) without any consultation from the unions or you, the people whose lives and careers were going to be turned upside down.

The impact of the announcement was felt immediately by all of us. Shock, anger, anxiety from the commute to the extra time on the road, the additional expenses, the familial obligations, the lack of career development. The list went on and on and rightly so.

Because of you taking action to fight for what you believe in over 700 grievances from UTE were filed across the GTA and our voices were heard, all the way up to the National level. Our PIPSC brothers and sisters were very vocal too.

As a result of your voice and your actions true consultation has happened over the last few months. Your local UTE executives from across the GTA met with local management on a weekly basis along with PIPSC reps. This was our Local Working Group Committee. At these meetings, your union executives have worked hard and pushed to have your concerns addressed to the best of our ability within the constraints that we were given. We pushed hard for the work-life balance you deserve and and pushed hard to ensure career development for all our members in all our GTA locals. All of that is not only what’s best for our members but best for the CRA.

We worked with management and assessed each model provided for review. We believe that this new model reflects our concerns as much as possible and is a significant improvement for our membership – the focus on virtual reporting and workplace flexibilities in many ways is vastly different from the original model presented on June 28.

We will continue to fight for these flexibilities during the implementation stage of modernization.

Thank you for your support over the past 6 months, and thank you for your continued support in the future.

These last few months have proven again the positive change we, union brothers and sisters, can bring about when we are strong, united and take action together.

When true consultation is held, the best outcomes can be had for all parties involved.

In solidarity,
Your UTE GTR Local Executive