Toronto North

To all our members

It’s with a very heavy heart we have to remember what took place near our Toronto North office. Many of our fellow members, our brothers and sisters, = witnessed the tragedy that took place. Some will have a very long road to recovery, some will never forget the Carnage they had to witness.

Today the Toronto North office will once more be opened and staff will be expected to return to work. I know that many of you have friends in that off= ice, we have some of our members there working and some of you have worked in that office. I would like to ask each and every one of you to show the utmost concern and consideration to all of those members and to provide them whatever assistance and help you can. It’s at times like this that as a union we have to stand together and we have to help one another get through whatever hardships come our way.

Our thoughts and prayers to our Toronto North brothers and sisters.

Linda Collins, President-Local 00013
Toronto Centre, 1 Front Street
Toronto, Ontario.