January 2020 Updates and February Bargaining Update


February 3, 2020

PSAC-UTE will begin holding strike votes beginning on February 17.

The union have been negotiating in good faith for a new collective agreement with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) since June 2018, but CRA management has consistently refused to address our members’ concerns and has instead insisted on a range of concessions.

It has now been more than four years since we last received a wage increase in November 2015, yet the Agency keeps rejecting our wage proposal. Even worse, in all this time, management has not even bothered to respond to us with its own monetary proposal. It’s just not possible to negotiate when the other party doesn’t even care enough to make a counteroffer.

The government also continues to reject our proposals to improve work-life balance, increase job security for term employees, and enhance working conditions in call centres.

The Agency’s failure to reach a new agreement with us has meant that working conditions at the CRA have suffered, which also means that the service we proudly provide Canadians is suffering.

A Public Interest Commission (PIC) wrapped up on January 20 and we expect a PIC report with non-binding recommendations for a contract settlement later this winter. While we are of course open to meeting with CRA management to reach an agreement at any time, the time has also come for us—together, as a union—to take a stand.

We need to show CRA management and the government that we’ve had enough and that we won’t let them drag this out any longer.

We deserve a fair contract now, and getting a strong strike mandate from our membership is the best way to get it.

For more information on the strike votes, please check our Frequently Asked Questions.

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