Ratification Vote

Good Day UTE,


I hope you all are keeping safe and well. I know many of you are excited to sign off on the contract being proposed and enjoy seeing your enthusiasm.


As we come to our first round of ratification information sessions, I wanted to provide you some assistance to ensure for a successful voter turn out.


This email has all the information that you need for the upcoming vote, and who to contact if you have encountered any issues along the way.


This link has great information and goes through all the steps for SP employees.


The ratification information session is paid time off using code 6990 but the actual vote itself is not, you can vote at any time between August 27th  and September 29th, 2020.


In order to be eligible to vote you must: 

  • have received your personal identification number (PIN)   
  • ensure you are a member in good standing (MIGS), and  
  • attend a 15 minute webinar session. 


The voting period will be held between August 27 and September 29. Please follow the steps below to ensure you can vote. 

1. Receive your Personal Identification Number (PIN) 

For those PSAC members for whom we have no personal email, we will send a letter in the mail containing your PIN to your home address two weeks before the beginning of the voting period. If we have a non-employer, personal e-mail address on file, we will instead send you an email with your PIN two days before the start of the voting period.

Please take a moment to update your contact information and provide us with your personal, non-work email address. You can update your contact information online by logging into the PSAC member portal or create an account if you don’t already have one. 

If you have not received your PIN after the voting period begins, please check your junk e-mail folder and if it is not found there contact your PSAC Regional Office.

2. Ensure you are a member in good standing (MIGS) 

In some situations, PSAC members cease being members in good standing (MIGS) and lose the right to participate in ratification votes.

If you are on extended leave

If you are on extended leave (e.g., long term disability, maternity or parental leave) and therefore not a member in good standing (MIGS), you can make a request to remain in good standing to the National President via this online form. This will allow you to participate in the ratification vote. 

If you have not signed a union card or are unsure that it has been processed 

If you have never signed a union card, you will not be able to participate in the ratification process. You can fill out and sign a union card online.

If you are unsure that you have previously signed a card or are unsure that it has been processed, simply fill out a new card online.

Even if you are already a member in good standing, please take a moment to give us your personal, non-work email address. You can update your contact information online right now.  

If you have difficulty updating your information, contact your PSAC Regional Office

3. Register for a webinar 

In order to ensure that members are fully informed prior to casting their ballot, the PSAC Constitution requires all members to attend an information session before they vote for a new collective agreement. These 15 minute presentations will be held via online webinar and will allow members to cast their ballot once the presentation is over. Members will also have the opportunity to stay online after the presentation should they want to ask questions regarding the content of the tentative agreement. The dates and times of the webinars will be listed on your PSAC regional website, and you will have to register in advance. 

Attendance will be tracked so participation must be done as an individual (i.e. if there are multiple members in the household you must each register separately and log in separately). Only those who registered and attend the full presentation will have their member profile updated on the electronic voting system, enabling them to vote. Voting will then be done online or via telephone. 

Here is the link to register for one of the information sessions. ** Please ensure you have signed up for the CRA/UTE information session as there are other components of PSAC that are also ratifying their own agreements.


All information is  available on www.ontario.psac.com; if anyone has any additional questions I can gladly assist with getting them a timely response so they can vote on this agreement.




Andria Cullen

Local Union President

UTE Local 00013 – Toronto Centre TSO