Receive your strike pay via Interac e-transfer

Receive your strike pay via Interac e-transfer

Last weekend, members in the TB and CRA bargaining units received an email asking them to sign up to register for e-transfer for strike pay. Here’s what you should know about registering for Interact e-transfer.

Q: I received an email with the subject line: Strike pay: sign up for e-transfer. Is this an official email from PSAC?

Yes. This is an official email from PSAC asking you to register for strike pay to be transferred securely through e-Transfer with your personal e-mail address. The email is unique to each member and linked to your individual PSAC ID. It cannot be forwarded to other members.

Q: If I do not provide an e-mail address for an e-transfer, will I continue to receive strike pay?

If we do not receive your consent and preferred email address, your strike pay will be processed by cheque and distributed in the region by hand on the picket line.

Q: I deleted the email by accident, what should I do?

Contact your PSAC regional office and they can resend it to you.

Q: I did not receive this email, what do I do?

This means we may not have your personal, non-work e-mail address to communicate with you. You can add your personal, non-work email through PSAC’s member portal.

You will not be able to use an email that was forwarded to you by another member because the original email is unique to each member and linked to their individual PSAC ID.

Please check your spam/junk folders.

Q: Can my regional office re-send the e-mail directly to me?

Yes. Regional office staff can re-send emails directly. We strongly encourage members to ensure their contact information is up to date in the member portal.