Attention: Toronto Center 13

Thank you to our members that continue to show up on the picket line every day, as we fight for the best possible contract that we can get. We are almost there.

Unfortunately, it has been brought to the Local’s attention that:

  • Some members have been crossing the picket line to work,
  • Some members sign in at the picket line, leave, and then return later to sign out.
  • Some members are even signing in at the picket line, crossing the line and going to work, and then returning to the picket line later on to sign out, illegally obtaining strike pay in the process.
  • Some members are not showing up at all, waiting at home for a deal to be reached so that they can reap the benefits, while their colleagues fight on the front lines through adverse weather conditions.

We are taking a zero-tolerance approach to these members. We have started the process to revoke strike pay for members that sign in and then leave the picket line, dishonestly collecting strike pay. In addition, we have a list of members who have not picketed, instead sitting at home waiting to cash in on the deal that we will achieve. We will take action pursuant to PSAC’s constitution to discipline any member who crossed the picket or is dishonestly earning strike pay.

This process could lead to suspension or termination of membership and/or fines.

We urge all members who are not on an accommodation, to support our bargaining team on the picket line. We will only win this fight with sustained pressure, just like we did for maternity leave, sick leave and so many other benefits that we have obtained.