PSAC-UTE’s Canada Revenue Agency settlement

PSAC-UTE’s Canada Revenue Agency settlement

Dear members, first we just want to thank everyone who walked the picket line or otherwise took action during our strike. We were heartened to see members of our local day in and out, rain or shine (mostly rain!) and truly appreciate everyone’s sacrifices and effort to get a new contract.

As you probably know, UTE reached an agreement last week. PSAC has published a page here which breaks down some of the items that were agreed upon. We encourage members to read over the details here, as well as the attached chart for pay schedule.

While this agreement has been reached by our bargaining team, we’d like to remind everyone that it has not been ratified yet and we absolutely implore every member to vote once voting starts. We do not have further information on voting at this point, but that information will be shared by the union shortly.

Finally, Here is a chart that was put together by another local on what the tentative pay schedule may look like (emphasis on may, this is NOT an official chart).

Please feel free to reach out if you have further questions or inquiries on anything here, though we’re still waiting to get some details from UTE and PSAC so we may not have every piece of information available at this moment.

In solidarity,
UTE Local 00013