UTE Annual General Meeting 2020

AGM Meeting Postponed Until Further Notice

UTE Annual General Meeting 2020

Our Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Thursday ‪April 23, 2020, at 5:30 p.m.‬ at the Toronto Novotel Hotel on 45 The Esplande, Toronto ON. The cost is $10 and it will be refundable back to you at the door once you sign in. Dinner will be provided. All members of our local in good standing are invited to attend and participate.

At the AGM, our budget is passed, by-laws are amended, we also discuss bargaining and other important matters. This is your opportunity to contribute to the decision-making in the local. Please RSVP to one of your UTE Reps in Toronto Centre TSO.

Please see one of the reps below for your ticket(s):

  • Andria Cullen – 2nd floor
  • Thomas McInnis – 1st floor HR
  • Vona Martin – 3rd floor
  • Vashti Conner – 2nd floor
  • Mike Chenard – 3rd floor
  • Rob Muir (M, W or F) – 3rd floor

PSAC-UTE files a bad faith bargaining charge against CRA

PSAC-UTE files a bad faith bargaining charge against CRA

March 2, 2020

Our bargaining team was surprised – to say the least – to see the Canada Revenue Agency’s email to all staff regarding our current negotiations two weeks ago. “This desperate attempt by CRA to mislead and influence our members on the eve of the strike vote is completely unacceptable. It is dishonest and disrespectful to our members.” stated Marc Brière, National President of the Union of Taxation Employees. 
As advised by our legal counsel, PSAC has come to the conclusion that the communication is necessary grounds to take legal action. Therefore, PSAC has filed a bad faith bargaining charge against CRA with the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board.
“Our members are not fooled and see right through the employer's game. The support we've received so far in getting a strike mandate is just unbelievable! The CRA and Treasury Board are finally starting to understand the serious mistake they have made in dragging out negotiations unduly and showing a total lack of respect for our members. They are panicking and rightfully so! For the first time in its history, there might be a strike at the Agency in the middle of peak tax season. And they will only have themselves to blame. Enough is enough!” 
Support your bargaining team at our upcoming strike votes to make sure we can return to the bargaining table in a strong position to get a fair contract and make CRA a better place to work.

We deserve a fair contract now, and getting a strong strike mandate from our membership is the best way to get it.

For more information on the strike votes, please check our Frequently Asked Questions.

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January 2020 Updates and February Bargaining Update


February 3, 2020

PSAC-UTE will begin holding strike votes beginning on February 17.

The union have been negotiating in good faith for a new collective agreement with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) since June 2018, but CRA management has consistently refused to address our members’ concerns and has instead insisted on a range of concessions.

It has now been more than four years since we last received a wage increase in November 2015, yet the Agency keeps rejecting our wage proposal. Even worse, in all this time, management has not even bothered to respond to us with its own monetary proposal. It’s just not possible to negotiate when the other party doesn’t even care enough to make a counteroffer.

The government also continues to reject our proposals to improve work-life balance, increase job security for term employees, and enhance working conditions in call centres.

The Agency’s failure to reach a new agreement with us has meant that working conditions at the CRA have suffered, which also means that the service we proudly provide Canadians is suffering.

A Public Interest Commission (PIC) wrapped up on January 20 and we expect a PIC report with non-binding recommendations for a contract settlement later this winter. While we are of course open to meeting with CRA management to reach an agreement at any time, the time has also come for us—together, as a union—to take a stand.

We need to show CRA management and the government that we’ve had enough and that we won’t let them drag this out any longer.

We deserve a fair contract now, and getting a strong strike mandate from our membership is the best way to get it.

For more information on the strike votes, please check our Frequently Asked Questions.

Previous Bargaining updates

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Mobilization/Political Action Activities / Activités de mobilisation et d’action politique

Hello Sisters and Brothers,

As you know, negotiations between your Union of Taxation Employees-PSAC bargaining team and the Canada Revenue Agency are at a standstill.

As mentioned in the communique issued by our bargaining team on Friday, May 10, as well as in the video released on the same day, our negotiator contacted the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board to reactivate our request for the establishment of a Public Interest Commission (PIC) to help the parties resolve their dispute.

In that video, I told our members that we would not sit idly by in such a situation and that we would inform them of the actions to be taken to make their dissatisfaction known to the employer and to federal MPs.

Our members deserve a fair and equitable contract now!

In addition, while the PSAC will continue to negotiate with the federal government to obtain fair compensation for our members who continue to suffer damage as a result of the Phoenix payroll system, we must mobilize to increase pressure on the government.

It is time to stand up to the CRA and the government!

Enough is enough!

Here are the next steps:

A video will be released tomorrow in which I will inform members that I will send them an email message asking them to write to the Minister of National Revenue, the Honourable Diane Lebouthillier, to tell her that she needs to make it right! We will provide them with a text that they can use, but they will also be able to modify this text to personalize it to their liking. By inserting their postal code into an electronic tool provided to them, a copy of the message will also be sent to the Member of Parliament for their riding.

Please note that I will also forward this email to all Locals on Wednesday so that you can forward it to your members by email.

This will help us reach as many members as possible.

But we need to do more.

We also need to talk to members of the House of Commons.

I will therefore ask all members of the Union of Taxation Employees (UTE) to contact their MP's office to make an appointment to express their dissatisfaction and ask their MP to pass the message on and put pressure on the Liberal government and the Canada Revenue Agency.

In the video, I also inform members that a lobbying kit containing talking points has been sent to all our Locals and will be distributed to them as soon as possible.

You will find attached the lobbying kit containing talking points specific to the negotiations as well as another document containing talking points about Phoenix and the compensation we are asking for our members and the issue of the Single Income-Tax Return in Quebec.

I ask you to use this kit when you are lobbying MPs.

Please also provide the lobbying kit to your members through your regular communication channels such as your email distribution list and/or by plantgating a paper copy at your office.

Finally, I ask all UTE Locals to continue to organize demonstrations of solidarity in the coming weeks to support our bargaining team and to maintain the pressure on the Agency.

I am aware that I am asking you a lot, but the issues we face are too important not to take action.

Each Regional Vice-President will be in contact with his or her Locals to follow up and provide any assistance you may require.

I have no doubt about your dedication to our members and our union and I sincerely thank you for your involvement and I am confident that together we can accomplish great things.

Solidarity is the key to success!

Bonjour consoeurs et confrères,

Comme vous le savez, les négociations entre votre équipe de négos du Syndicat des employé-e-s de l’Impôt de l’AFPC et celle de l’Agence du revenu du Canada sont au point mort.

Tel que mentionné dans le communiqué émis par notre équipe de négociation vendredi le 10 mai dernier ainsi que dans le vidéo publié le même jour, notre négociateur a communiqué avec la Commission des relations de travail et de l’emploi dans le secteur public fédéral afin de réactiver notre demande que soit établi une Commission de l’intérêt public (CIP) afin d’aider les parties à régler leur différend.

Dans ce vidéo, j’affirmais à nos membres que nous ne resterions pas les bras croisés devant une telle situation et que nous les informerions quant aux actions à prendre afin de faire connaître leur mécontentement à l’employeur ainsi qu’aux députés fédéraux.

Nos membres méritent un contrat de travail juste et équitable et ce dès maintenant!

De plus, bien que l’AFPC poursuivra la négociation avec le gouvernement fédéral afin d’obtenir une juste compensation pour nos membres qui continuent de subir des préjudices à cause du système de paie Phénix, nous devons nous mobiliser afin d’augmenter la pression sur le gouvernement.

Il est temps de nous tenir debout face à l’ARC et au gouvernement!

Assez, c’est assez!

Voici les prochaines étapes :

Un vidéo sera publié demain dans lequel j’informerai les membres que je leur ferai parvenir un message par courriel afin de leur demander d’écrire à la Ministre du Revenu national, l’honorable Diane Lebouthillier, pour lui dire qu’on veut que ça bouge! Nous leur fournirons un texte qu’ils pourront utiliser mais il leur sera également possible de modifier ce texte afin de le personnaliser à leur goût. En insérant leur code postal dans un outil électronique qui leur sera fourni, le message sera également envoyé en copie conforme au député fédéral de leur circonscription.

Veuillez prendre note que je ferai également parvenir ce courriel mercredi à toutes les sections locales afin que vous puissiez le transmettre à vos membres par courriel. Ceci nous aidera à rejoindre le plus de membres possibles.

Mais nous devons en faire plus.

Nous devons aussi parler aux députés de la Chambre des Communes.

Je demanderai donc à tous les membres du Syndicat des employé-e-s de l’Impôt (SEI) de contacter le bureau de leur député afin de prendre rendez-vous pour faire connaître leur mécontentement et demander à leur député de passer le message et de mettre de la pression sur le gouvernement libéral et l’Agence du revenu du Canada.

Dans le vidéo, j’informe aussi les membres qu’une trousse de lobbying contenant des points de discussion a été envoyée à toutes nos sections locales et leur sera distribué par celles-ci dans les plus brefs délais.

Vous trouverez ci-joint la trousse de lobbying contenant des points de discussion spécifiques à la négociation ainsi qu’un autre document contenant des points de discussion au sujet de Phénix et des indemnités que nous demandons pour nos membres et concernant l’enjeu du rapport d’impôt unique au Québec.

Je vous demande d’utiliser cette trousse lorsque vous effectuerez vos activités de lobbying auprès des députés.

Veuillez également remettre la trousse de lobbying à vos membres par les canaux de communication habituels tels que via votre liste de distribution de courriels et/ou en effectuant une distribution en format papier à la porte de votre bureau.

Finalement, je demande à toutes les sections locales du SEI de continuer à organiser des démonstrations de solidarité au cours des prochaines semaines afin de soutenir notre équipe de négociation et pour maintenir la pression sur l’Agence.

Je suis conscient que je vous en demande beaucoup mais les enjeux auxquels nous faisons face sont trop importants pour ne pas prendre action.

Chaque Vice-président-e régional-e sera en contact avec ses sections locales afin d'effectuer les suivis nécessaires et d'apporter l'aide dont vous pourriez avoir besoin.

Je n’ai aucun doute concernant votre dévouement envers nos membres et notre syndicat et je vous remercie sincèrement de votre implication et je suis confiant qu’ensemble nous pouvons accomplir de grandes choses.

La solidarité est la clé du succès!

Marc Brière

Président national / National President

Syndicat des employé-e-s de l’Impôt / Union of Taxation Employees

Bargaining Update


When bargaining began last June, I honestly didn’t think that almost a year later, I’d be writing this.

Despite all Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s promises to be different from Stephen Harper and restore respect for public service workers, his government has been unwilling to address our workplace concerns at the bargaining table.

The last two bargaining sessions were even held in the presence of a federal mediator, but still nothing.

Our various proposals to improve working conditions have been ignored. The government is also resisting fair wage increases even though our last raise was in November 2015.

And, of course, since that time we’ve all had to deal with the Phoenix nightmare.

We’re now just a few months away from the next federal election, and we need to tell the government to make it right. We deserve a fair contract now!

Send a message

Use our e-mail tool to send a message to the Minister of National Revenue, the Honourable Diane Lebouthillier.

You can use our suggested message or take a few moments to personalize it.

Marc Brière
National President
Union of Taxation Employee